Meet Chef Ignacio – Aviva Senior Living Avivia

With over 40 years of experience in the culinary industry, Chef Ignacio has curated many delicious meals and has become an integral part of the Aviva Senior Living community over his 16 years as executive chef. He was concerned when the community decided to outsource the dining program to Morrison Living. “I was fearful,” said…

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June is National Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

resident in a wheelchair

By: Paige Lueken, MS, RDN, LDN  Alzheimer’s Disease: What is it, and Why is it Prevalent in the Elderly? Like any other organ in our body, the brain can wear down. As we age, one of the most common brain disorders that can develop is Alzheimer’s disease. 1 in 10 people over age 65 develop…

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Why Add to your Service Team?

Chef at Teaching Kitchen

If you were given back an hour each day, time you could use for your team to accomplish their goals, would you take it? That’s what one of our current clients decided to do when they realized they were struggling with the day-to-day business of their self-op dining and environmental services operations. They were spending…

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National Safety Month: How to Create a Safe Workplace Environment

By Max Silver, Safety Manager at Morrison Living June is National Safety Month, and workplace safety is important in every industry. It’s been proven, when associates feel safe at work, not only does their job satisfaction increase, but they also stay with the company longer. In today’s uber-competitive hiring market, associate retention is more critical…

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Crafting the Perfect Plate

Chef Robert Campbell story

A plate is a canvas to display any number of creations. Chefs set each item perfectly in place, build towers, splash sauces, and sprinkle garnishes on top. Food has become an art form leading many chefs to pursue a culinary career to create that perfect plate.  Meet Chef Robert Campbell. His passion for food led…

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Celebrating Healthcare Technology Management Professionals

Happy Healthcare Technology Mgt week

Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Week, May 16-23, 2021, is a time to show appreciation for those who manage and maintain health technology used throughout healthcare. These well-trained professionals manage the safety, care, and accuracy of technological equipment and are an invaluable resource to the healthcare industry. We’d like to shine a spotlight on our Director…

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Honoring Our Asian American & Pacific Islander Team Members

Asian American and Pacific Islander Month story

In celebration and recognition of our Asian Pacific Islander employees, their rich culture, and vibrant community, we are thrilled to tell the story of three notable Morrison Living employees: Julia Wong, Willie Cho, and Sindu Mathew. These three dynamic leaders continue to impact and inspire their teams within our organization, and more poignantly, inspire and…

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Mental Health: Are you caring for your mental well-being?

Be Kind to Your Mind article

By: Ashley Breidenstein, RD, LDN This past year has most likely tested your mental capabilities and strengths on several occasions. As we have all experienced rapid changes in our personal lives, at work, in our finances, etc., we may have put our mental health on the back burner as we went into fight or flight…

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Extend the Impact of your Hospitality & Wellness Programs with New Digital and Virtual Marketing Strategies

Digital & Virtual Marketing

Your digital marketing program will shine with a strong content strategy that reinforces your reputation for safety, wellness, and hospitality. There’s no better way to do that than to seed your channels with solid information, including data, powerful stories, and compelling images that reflect your communities’ culture, practices, and events. Effective marketers regularly publish articles,…

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What a Waste

Waste Not

Food Waste and Why You Should Care By Delacey Foster, MS, RD As you finish your weekly trip to the market with five brimming bags in tow, feeling accomplished as you head out the door, you gingerly place two bags of carefully selected food items into the trash bin and load the other three bags…

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