Incorporating Vegetables in Food

3 Ways Our Chefs Are Incorporating Vegetables for Plant-Forward Power

Written in collaboration with Chef Jason Ison

Innovations and trends around vegetables have led to the leafy greens and bright colored foods no longer staying supporting side dishes and instead. Now they are the main star of the meal. Vegetables are not an afterthought any longer, as the vegetable entrée is now in full effect. They provide taste, texture, and instant satisfaction. Using the same culinary techniques used on animal proteins has enhanced the appeal and upped the popularity of vegetables. The senior living industry is staying in line with the vegetable-forward fad to utilize plant-based proteins.

Crafting Up Creativity with Vegetables

As a result, our chefs at Morrison Living are letting leafy greens be the star of the dish while incorporating flavors and textures that rival their meat-like counterparts.

Plant-based proteins don’t have to be a pain – take a page from our book for some plant-based inspiration.

salad served with a variety of vegetables including arugula, blood orange balsamic dressing, acorn squash, Portobello mushrooms, and goat cheese
  1. Surprisingly good salads: While salads can be a standard for vegetarian meals, toss what you think of a standard salad and get a glimpse of this creation. With an elevated presentation, any resident is excited to enjoy this plate. With an exciting twist of flavors from the blood orange balsamic dressing to the protein packed acorn squash, portobello mushrooms, and deviled egg, and topped with goat cheese for a kick of flavor, this salad is sure to please.
a sandwich with a grilled plantain, lettuce, and tomato served with fruit

2. Recreating the classics: You’ve had a BLT, but have you had a PLT? Swap the bacon for a grilled plantain tossed in Jamaican BBQ sauce and top with bibb lettuce and heirloom tomatoes. Finally, finish the sandwich on a homemade soft roll and viola – a plant-based take on a classic creation.

vegetable wellington made with squash, peppers, and onions served with rice and some sauce

3. Decadent delicacies: The beef wellington – packed full of flavor with a presentation sure to please. Likewise, a vegetable wellington is equally as decadent without sacrificing any flavors. Easily swapping the beef with savory and sweet vegetables like squash, peppers, and onions satisfies the same tastebuds without making meat the star.

To sum it up, crafting meals that rival well-known restaurants across the country are where our teams thrive. Whether plant-forward, vegetarian, or vegan, our teams are staying ahead of culinary trends and serving meals that are sure to meet any resident’s dietary needs.

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