4 Ways our Chefs are Staying on Trend

Crafting innovative menus and meals made especially for our residents meanings knowing current and future food trends in the culinary industry. Insights from industry partners like Datassential help chefs look ahead to what’s coming in the food service industry, intriguing residents for each meal. Our chefs are staying steadfast in following industry trends in what they’re serving with these insights.

Food Trends in 2022 and Beyond

heirloom tomatoes served on a plate with berries cheese and pickled red onions

1. Seasonal Selections

38% of consumers try to eat food that is locally grown, while 37% of consumers try to eat food that is in season. At Friends Homes in North Carolina, sustainability is a huge point for residents, and they voice their opinion on supporting local farmers. Residents enjoy food that’s seasonal and local by supporting nearby growers. Featured in this year’s Compass Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Chef Nick Hunter is leading sustainability initiatives for the residents of Friends Homes.

homemade pierogis

2. Incorporating Heritage

While many heritages are centered around their own traditional meals, chefs are utilizing the ingredients they grew up with to excite and entice consumers. Turning to Eastern European cuisine, chefs are crafting international flavors featured on brewpub, fine dining, and grab-and-go menus. Anthony Salvatore, one of Morrison Living’s Executive Chefs, incorporates several foods he grew up in the menus he creates, like Pierogi, Slippery Noodles, and Ajvar Grilled Red Peppers and Eggplant.

heart of palm crab cake with chickpeas, artichoke heart, vegan mayo, and old bay

3. Hearts of Palm

One of the 2022 ingredients listed in Datassential’s 10 Flavors and Ingredients to Watch is Hearts of Palm. Hearts of Palm are often used as plant-based seafood replacements and have been incorporated in menus across our partner communities, including ECS Montecedro. Executive Chef James Hsieh crafted a vegan crab cake utilizing hearts of palm, chickpeas, and artichoke hearts, mixed with vegan mayo and old bay seasoning. He first tested the meal as a weekly vegan dinner special, and after positive feedback from both vegan and non-vegan residents, it has become a regular menu item favored by all.

shashlik kebabs on the grill with meat, chicken, tomatoes, and peppers

4. Shashlik

Another ingredient named in the 2022 Ingredients to Watch is a meal David Thornton is familiar with: Shashlik. Shashlik is creating an upturn in popularity with more Central Asian and Russian flavors. At Judson Park, chefs serve Shashlik in peak grilling season: spring and summer. Residents are always excited for Shashlik, often served with grilled vegetables like spring onion, asparagus, and rice of all flavors.

As an industry leader, our teams are always on top of trends in the industry. Our chefs incorporate trends into our meals and menus at each of our partner communities. Our associates tap into their creativity and residents experience meals that rival restaurants all over the world. Learn more about our culinary services and how we craft menus that help you feed the cultural heartbeat of your community.