Chef Robert Campbell story

Crafting the Perfect Plate

A plate is a canvas to display any number of creations. Chefs set each item perfectly in place, build towers, splash sauces, and sprinkle garnishes on top. Food has become an art form leading many chefs to pursue a culinary career to create that perfect plate. 

Chef Robert Campbell headshot

Meet Chef Robert Campbell. His passion for food led him straight into the kitchen, and ever since, he’s been on a quest to create that perfect plate.

But you may ask, “What’s a perfect plate?” Everyone has different taste preferences. Chef Campbell defines it as one that looks beautiful enough to photograph, makes you hungry when you smell the flavors and tastes so good, you’d order it again.

His philosophy is that everything a chef uses to prepare a meal, or the ingredients, was once a living thing. Understanding this and honoring the life of each ingredient brings a strong focus on ensuring that it’s used with the love and care it deserves. Mother Nature provides us with so much, and it’s our honor and privilege to be able to take that life and make something memorable and beautiful.

Chef Robert refers to his profession as an inventor because it takes an inventor to craft a meal that delights diners. He tries new flavor combinations, changes the steps or cooking methods, and learns from mistakes.

“You’ll fail more than you succeed,” Chef Robert attests. But the pursuit of perfection and his love for sharing great food keeps him going through failure.

While television has portrayed the job of a chef as glamorous, it’s quite the opposite. Cuts, burns, heat, and long hours all come with the role, but it offers a higher reward that’s the best-kept secret chefs soon discover.       

“As a chef, we touch people in a way no other profession does. We spend years developing and crafting our skills and sourcing knowledge of ingredients and the best way to prepare them. Our passion and love are poured into every dish we create, and when our guests consume that dish, our passion and love help nourish their mind, body, and soul. It’s unparallel to any other profession.”

For Chef Robert and so many chefs, it’s the love for the ingredients, the process, the tradition, and undoubtedly the love of delighting guests that consumes the art of the profession.