global flavors in senior dining

Morrison Living Chefs Spice Up Senior Living With Global Flavors

By: Corporate Executive Chef Ernst Friedermann

Foods. Flavors. Aromas.

There’s something extra special about international food adventures. While attractions, sights, and shops can be breathtaking and insightful, the way to the heart of any culture is through its food. Nothing quite compares to eclectic dishes made from freshly blended spices, creamy sauces, and botanical flavors.

residents dining outside

As dynamics and demographics continue to change, so do the preferences of our senior living residents. After World War II, the expansion of trains, planes, and highway systems made travel easier than ever before. As a result, many of the residents in our communities have had the opportunity to travel the world to experience these global flavors, first-hand. To reflect this, our culinarians provide a personalized resident experience – complete with diverse, flavorful, authentic, and exciting cuisines.

With an emphasis on health and wellness, our chefs prepare foods that not only meet the dietary needs of our residents but are also innovative. The ability to procure fresh ingredients from all corners of the globe adds to the authenticity of the dishes we serve our residents and guests. By partnering with our communities through programs, marketing, and onsite sales demonstrations, we are able to showcase the diverse offerings we provide.

As leaders in senior dining, we have made global flavors part of our culture – developing programs, offering recipes, and bringing food from all over the world, right to our dining rooms. Residents get the exciting opportunity to make new memories, remember old ones, and learn about other countries along the way.