Morrison Community Living partners with Bon Appétit to create new HumanGood dining program

Compass Group Sectors join forces to deliver new culinary experience at ALL living levels

ATLANTA – HumanGood has selected Morrison Community Living to serve as their culinary partner.  Morrison Community Living will work with Bon Appétit Management Company and other Compass Group sectors to help HumanGood reimagine the culinary possibilities for senior living at all levels of care.

HumanGood represents the marriage of American Baptist Homes of the West and, two nonprofit organizations with rich histories in the senior living industry. When fully transitioned, Morrison Community Living will manage a dining program that embraces seventeen HumanGood communities in California, Arizona, Washington and Nevada.

Morrison Community Living is one of the nation’s premier providers of hospitality services to senior living communities. As the culinary services provider for the communities previously known as, they’ve served HumanGood for 17 years.

According to HumanGood President and CEO, John Cochrane, “Reimagining our lifeplan communities is a bold undertaking. Morrison Community Living and Bon Appétit offer unique capabilities as we take on that challenge.”

Scott MacLellan, CEO of Morrison Community Living, noted that HumanGood offers a whole new kind of opportunity for Compass Group. “HumanGood’s long-term goal to transform the market lines up perfectly with our own.  We’ll leverage Morrison Community Living’s expertise in the senior market with the culinary innovation of Bon Appétit and the strength of Compass Group to support HumanGood in their pursuit of innovation.”

Partnering with Bon Appétit was a key element in Morrison Community Living’s win.  Starting in 1987, Fedele Bauccio, CEO and Co-founder of Bon Appétit Management Company had a vision to offer diners an exceptional restaurant experience through a contract food service company.  Today, clients as varied as Google, the Art Institute of Chicago, and University of Pennsylvania now rely on Bon Appétit to provide great food and local sourcing in a socially and environmentally responsible manner that has been a benchmark for the industry.

“Bon Appétit has been amazingly successful in raising culinary expectations in corporate America, as well as top cultural and educational institutions.  Exploring senior living options for my own mother opened my eyes to the need in the senior space.  HumanGood is pursuing the right vision at the right time and we’re thrilled to support their journey,” said Bauccio.

Mary Platt, Regional Vice President of Operations, will oversee all of the HumanGood business, which will begin transitioning this spring.

About Morrison Community Living

Morrison Community Living ( has a 95 year history of serving up hospitality to seniors. With a strong belief in the power of community, the company is dedicated to “enriching the lives of seniors every day” through its culinary, environmental services and nutrition and wellness offerings.

Across more than 450 locations nationwide, Morrison Community Living fuels each client’s business by offering exceptional and engaging experiences for residents and the associates who serve them.  As a partner, they configure their offerings for each client’s business and marketing needs, using their own deep industry experience and the transformational power of the Compass family.

About Bon Appétit Management Company

Bon Appétit Management Company ( is an on-site restaurant company offering full food-service management to corporations, universities and specialty venues. Based in Palo Alto, CA, it operates more than 1,000 cafés in 33 states and is a recognized industry leader in environmentally and socially responsible practices, receiving the Acterra Award for Sustainability, as well as many previous awards from organizations including the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the James Beard Foundation, Natural Resources Defense Council, Seafood Choices Alliance, and The Humane Society of the United States.