Celebrating Our Women in Culinary

Only 25.8% of culinarians are women, according to Zippia. At Morrison Living, we celebrate our women culinarians who are defying the odds and paving the way in their journeys, while carrying the culture of our company in everything they do. We asked three of our women culinarians across the country questions on their journey, experience, and what it means to be in culinary.

Meet Our Chefs

How did you get started as a culinarian? Is it something you always wanted to do or did you take a leap of faith?

Amanda: “Cooking has always been a passion of mine; I’ve always known that it’s what I’d like to do with my life.” 

Briana: “I got started as a culinarian working for a staffing company doing catering jobs as a teenager. Since I was a child I wanted to be a chef.”

Nicole: “I started baking as a kid, sitting on Grandma’s counter making the world’s best Kolaches. As I grew into an adult I continued cooking for my family and kids; one day it just clicked and decided I wanted to cook for anyone wanting to eat. I decided to put my best foot forward and join the Art Institute for my Bachelor’s in Culinary Management. I graduated in 2013, and upon graduation, I dove right in.”

In your culinary journey, how did you get into senior living?

Amanda: “My very first job was in senior living and as I got older, I forgot how much I loved it. So, a few years ago, I decided to try it again, and here I am.” 

Briana:  “I got into senior living because of Covid -19. I was furloughed from a casino over six months in need of work. A past employee/ friend told me about Peace Village, where I interviewed with Chef Jason Ison and Chef Frank DeSoto. I was hired on the spot.”

Nicole: “I went on to be a private chef and worked in some of the top restaurants in San Antonio. My family grew during that time and became impossible to live the lifestyle of a chef that worked many late-night hours. I joined the senior living at Army Resident Community as a Bistro supervisor. It provided me with security for my family, and as days passed, I fell in love with the residents and the community. I worked there for 7 years until I was invited for an interview for an Executive Chef position for Eden Hill Communities. I have found a new home with wonderful residents and a great team.”

What is your favorite thing about being a culinarian? What about your favorite thing working in the senior living industry?

Amanda: “I love being creative and trying new things with our residents. When I get to make something special for the residents at our weekly events, it puts a big smile on their faces which makes my job very rewarding.” 

Briana: “My favorite thing about being a culinarian is the art of the job. Bringing out my creative side In food. I enjoy getting to know the residents and serving them daily.” 

Nicole: “My favorite thing about working in senior living has been being able to create new experiences and creating an elevated cuisine for residents to enjoy.”

What is your “signature dish”? Or a dish you love cooking?

Amanda: “I always make my food very vibrant and colorful!”

Briana: “I love cooking a variety of foods. I enjoy building charcuterie displays.” 

Nicole: “I LOVE to bake! I have spent many years perfecting my practice. I love sharing new creations with the residents and to see their excitement.”

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