Developing and Demonstrating Our Company Culture

Successful companies have a distinctive culture, mission, vision, and values. It is how they stand out from the competition. At Morrison Living, our company culture shines through our associates at all levels and all positions to transform dining and hospitality in senior living with partners and residents. Aligned with our values, our actions and behaviors make Morrison Living the ideal business partner and an even better place to work.

woman employee laughing and smiling

Our Values

Openness, Trust, and Integrity

Our associates are respectful, honest, and ethical. We do the right thing with a sense of urgency and transparency.

By remembering these aspects, our associates can keep residents’ well-being at the top of mind with no delay in service. Respect, honesty, and ethics are key aspects to being successful in the senior living industry. Our associates keep these in mind each and every day.

Passion for Quality

We know attention to the little things makes a difference. We take pride in efficiently delivering excellent food and service.

Taking the initiative to pay attention to the nitty-gritty details ensures our teams to wow residents and partner teams. Through elevated plate presentations, educational teaching kitchens, and incorporating menu options that make it easy for seniors to make healthy choices, we deliver on every detail.

Win through Teamwork

We succeed by creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that encourages every team member to learn, grow, and achieve. We support and inspire each other every day.

Everything we do means more when it’s served with care. We believe that the best way to provide meaningful, genuine experiences for residents is to train, develop, and recognize our greatest asset – our people. Spotlighting our associates, celebrating wins, and contributing to growth and development takes our teams to the next level.


We deliver on our promises. We own our business, individually and as a team.

At Morrison Living, we pride ourselves on being a partner for success, meaning that our partner and client teams can shift their focus away from the dining service and more to day-to-day community operations. Holding responsibility for shaping memorable dining moments allows us to exceed the expectations our partners have for us when choosing to outsource their dining with Morrison Living.

Can – do

We are innovators, seeking new ideas and continuous improvement. We take a positive and informed approach in pursuing growth and financial success.

Our teams know that every community is unique, and we seek to innovate our partnerships by tailoring them to meet the needs of each community to maximize the benefits to our clients. Innovation starts from the beginning of partnership and echoes further down the line by utilizing culinary trends and implementing support teams out in the field.

man employee smiling while serving food

Morrison Living’s culture echoes a resilience of shaping the modern senior living industry, one associate, partner, and resident at a time. Explore our career opportunities and join us to help build community one meal at a time.