Salmon and ingredients

Diving into National Seafood Month

October is National Seafood Month – a time to dive into new flavors, pick out proteins that are key ingredients to a number of dishes, and in turn, sustainably sourced seafood when possible. At Morrison Living, our culinarians are no strangers to seafood and recognize the value of this food group year-round.

grilled salmon with fresh lemon

Health Benefits of Seafood

Seafood not only tastes great, but it is great for you in several ways. For example,

  1. It’s good for your brain. Eating fish may help reduce cognitive decline as you age, protecting against risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. It helps ensure strong bones. Fish is packed with protein and is a top dietary source of Vitamin D, key to bone health.
  3. Seafood has eye opening benefits. Those who eat more fish have a much lower risk of developing macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision impairment and blindness.

October is the perfect time to experience the variety of tastes and reap the health benefits seafood can provide.

Seafood at Blue Skies of Texas East

Residents at Blue Skies of Texas East, located in San Antonio, Texas, are seafood connoisseurs. They have traveled worldwide throughout their lives and tried and tasted fish from all over. Because of their trusty palettes and Texas pride, the residents want to know where their seafood comes from. They prefer it to come from the Gulf of Mexico – just south of their state. Natural disasters have recently impacted many gulf cities and towns in Texas. The residents of Blue Skies of Texas East want to support these communities in their rebuilding efforts.

two senior residents eating a meal and drinking wine
3 men and 2 women senior residents sitting at a formal table eating dinner and conversing

The devastation of natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding impacts a number of industries. However, the impact on the seafood industry lasts longer and hits harder than other recreational industries. Due to ship and boat damage, water contamination, and destroyed coastal habitats, there is mass physical and economical destruction. So much so, that previous natural disasters have expected more than a $2 billion loss. Obtaining seafood from these local sources in Texas means getting seafood that is sustainable and benefitting recovering cities – a win/win for Blue Skies of Texas East.

salmon croquette served with bacon, eggs, and asparagus

Executive Chef at Blue Skies of Texas East, Brad Sanford, knows the significance of sustainably sourced seafood, especially since it’s so easy to do in his community. “If you’re not sourcing sustainable [seafood], there will be a shortage of fish. I want to make sure that fish are bred and reproduced in a humane way especially since that’s what’s important to our residents,” shares Chef Brad. Some of the residents favorite seafood meals are crab-stuffed salmon, redfish meuniere, and salmon croquettes, although Chef Brad adds, “residents [at Blue Skies of Texas East] love salmon any way it is served.”

Morrison Living’s dining services feed the culture of your community, like sustainably sourced seafood at Blue Skies of Texas East. Want to learn more about what dining and hospitality solutions Morrison can bring to your community? Fill out a custom proposal!