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The Employer of Choice Research

In this report, we explored the issue of acquisition, retention and turnover among employees. Many, if not most senior living communities are challenged to attract and/or retain competent and engaged personnel in the areas of nursing, housekeeping and dining. The subsequent costs of turnover are bad enough. But most senior living executives acknowledge that the most significant exposure to risk in this situation stems from this fact: organizational reputation and resident satisfaction hinge far more upon employees than on upper management.

Book a workshop with us to learn how to introduce an Employer Brand model to help attract, engage and retain talent for long-term success. Just as successful senior communities define and develop their external brand to improve occupancy and build financial performance, communities now need to focus on elevating their employer brand to help attract, engage and retain top talent.

Workshop includes:

    • Current trends in recruitment, turnover and retention among US senior communities
    • Key factors affecting recruitment, turnover and retention among US senior communities
    • The business case for an Employer Brand
    • The Employer Brand Model
    • How to implement an Employer Brand in your community
    • Self-assessment for determining your community’s Employer Brand advantage


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Nutrition and Dementia: A Review of Available Research

Compass Group and Alzheimer’s Disease International have come together in commissioning this joint report to investigate how the right nutrition may help make life better for people affected by dementia. In this first summary document we have introduced a number of areas of research on the relevance of nutritional factors to primary and secondary prevention of dementia, undernutrition in dementia and interventions to improve the nutrition of people with dementia.

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