Bringing Resources to the Table: Directors of Field Engagement

A partnership with Morrison Living brings numerous resources to the table, including our Directors of Field Engagement. We know that supporting the community teams while ensuring that standards are met drives higher resident satisfaction. That is why our field engagement team travels to our partner communities to be directly in the field for valuable face-to-face collaboration.

What They Do

Our trifecta team of Field Engagement Directors travels to our partner communities to provide support and encourage innovation. Our directors provide an important physical presence in partner communities. While visiting, they ensure that our Morrison Living teams are set up for success and following brand standards. Our directors are a key contribution to being a partner for success, by visiting communities to support the development and implementation of our unique partner identities.

Who They Are

Three directors make up the field engagement team, supporting the different regions of the United States: East, West, and Central.

Director of Field Engagement Central: Eugene Walters

Eugene has served others in a variety of facts in his career, first starting in higher education before moving to business dining. When looking for the next step in his career, he felt called to senior living. He has always felt like he has an old soul and is connected with those older than him. His “old soul” mixed with his empathy, respect, and passion for others has been the recipe for success in this position. Eugene says he is excited every day because of the work he gets to do, the team that he works with, and the company that he is a part of all mixed together to work toward thoughtful and elevated experiences for residents with powerful partnerships.

Director of Field Engagement West: Janice De La Cruz

Janice has always been a hard worker since starting her career at the age of 16. Due to the immediate effects of the pandemic in March 2020, Janice was left furloughed. After finding mutual connections with Morrison Living, Janice was offered a management position in August of 2020. While working through the height of the pandemic and helping to keep residents safe and healthy, Janice proved the passion and dedication she has for this work. After being promoted to the Director of Field Engagement role, Janice is continuing to grow as a leader at Morrison Living. She finds joy and fulfillment while making personal connections with residents, associates, and partners in the western part of the United States.

Director of Field Engagement East: Michael Fulkerson

Michael felt the call from the senior living industry and the unique opportunity for staff and operators to truly bond and get to know clients and residents. Coming from foodservice at universities, Michael has a vast knowledge of the foodservice industry and is eager to bring his knowledge to the senior living sphere. Through his new role as Director of Field Engagement, Michael wants to make sure that he uses his position to improve the lives of the seniors Morrison Living serves, as well as their families and loved ones.

How They Provide Support

Teamwork is what makes our partnerships successful. Alignment across client teams, dining teams, and Morrison operational teams contribute to a profitable business on all fronts. Our field engagement team is the eyes and ears of the business, identifying potential issues to ensure resident and partner satisfaction. The team is a crucial tool for our business by facilitating authentic connections between our Morrison and partner teams.

Whether you’re looking to outsource your dining services to improve your organizational efficiency or ready to switch to a provider with a wide array of resources and support, Morrison Living helps pave the way to building community one meal at a time. Get started with a custom proposal today.