Chef at Teaching Kitchen

Why Add to your Service Team?

If you were given back an hour each day, time you could use for your team to accomplish their goals, would you take it?

That’s what one of our current clients decided to do when they realized they were struggling with the day-to-day business of their self-op dining and environmental services operations. They were spending up to five extra hours a week managing the services – five hours they couldn’t put toward their business goals, their own goals and resident satisfaction.

Employee retention was dwindling and the new hiring process seemed to be continuous. Occupancy levels were becoming staggeringly low and the client was trying to figure out how to improve, but to no avail. After some research and willingness to take a meeting with Morrison Living, this client decided outsourcing was going to help reinvigorate their community.

Here’s how:


By letting Morrison worry about the food, environmental services and staffing, the client was able to focus on its business goals and critical issues. Outsourcing gives back the time to help the community grow and expand occupancy.


Running a kitchen is expensive. Consider fixed costs like equipment, staff and insurance – outsourcing these takes this burden off your shoulders. You now have a trusted partner that only focuses on budgetary goals set by you. Our food suppliers are farm to table and, with the power of Compass Group, you have access to fresh ingredients at the lowest possible costs. Parent companies can reinvest some of that realized savings back into your community, which directly improves resident and staff quality of life.

Compass Group proudly entered into the COVID-19 crisis with the highest credit rating, and lowest debt levels, in the industry. This sets us, and our partner communities, on firm foundation to weather any emergency while continuing to invest in our clients, people and innovation.

Reduced Liability

Your partner is responsible for the quality of the food, the products used for cleaning and sanitizing, and the safety of your staff and residents. An experienced partner can take that risk off your shoulders and maintain the highest quality standards required for your staff and residents.

Subject Matter Experts

Dietitians, chefs, managers, designers – all of these experts know exactly what is best for your residents and can help seamlessly facilitate the transition to a contracted partner. Our in-house experts focus exclusively on your resident engagement and satisfaction.

Employment and Retention

A contracted partner’s robust labor pool makes it easier to find, hire and continually develop quality employees. Taking the lead on these hires frees up your HR team to focus on the larger picture of community staffing as a whole, including the ability to focus on the most important of clinical hires.

An hour – 60 minutes or 3,600 seconds – could be the difference in reaching and exceeding your community’s goals. Outsourcing allows you to step back and take in the view, while still having a voice.
The client we referenced earlier is now at over 95% occupancy rate, getting five-star reviews, and looking into expanding their community and campuses. All of this was accomplished by recapturing a little bit of time back in their day and while providing their residents with excellent nutrition, food service and infection control.

So, what could you accomplish with that extra hour?