Sustainable Eating

A Recipe for Sustainable Eating

It is extremely important to be cognizant of ways to reduce food waste in our kitchens. By incorporating portions of ingredients that typically get thrown out or unused, we can drive change when it comes to waste reduction.

Our chefs are empowered to operate as business owners or intraprenuers. This mindset allows them to think and act as if they owned the establishment and paid the bills. In turn, this sparks innovation on how to reduce costs, reduce waste and behave authentically and with integrity.

Simple ingredients such as broccoli stems, cauliflower stems, pineapple cores, and cilantro sprigs tend to be suspects that make their way into the trash.  These items, fine julienned or thinly sliced, can all be pickled to make a great salad. Cilantro stems can also be created into a pesto that is folded into an aioli as a spread on a sandwich.

Let’s all continue to think as a “business owner” and seek ways to be more socially and environmentally responsible.

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