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Women in Culinary Who Inspire Us

With hard work and perseverance, these women are serving as leaders in the kitchen and shaking up the culinary scene. They’re showing the world what they’re capable of and helping pave the way for others.

In what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, these women are finding a recipe for success in professional kitchens by exerting influence and applying their unique creativity and style to the art of cooking. Here are 3 inspirational stories of women who are making an impact.


Chef Lindsay Homewood“Moving into an Executive Chef position at the age of 26, I was younger than all but one team member on staff. Learning to lead and manage as a young female on the culinary scene was not easy, but I was fortunate to have a tremendous boss at the time who provided me with a lot of support and coaching.

Now a Corporate Executive Chef at Morrison Community Living, I feel empowered to show all of the amazing women that work in our kitchens that they can continue to grow their careers, especially in a company like this.

Work hard. Take pride in your work. Admit when you’ve made a mistake. Treat people well and build relationships with your team. LOVE FOOD. Hone your technique and you will find your voice as a leader. Be true to that voice.”

– Lindsay Homewood, Corporate Executive Chef at Morrison Community Living


Chef Abbie Greenberg“I didn’t become an Executive Chef overnight. The journey wasn’t a piece of cake. Being a young woman of Asian descent, brought its own challenges, but I was working 16 hour days and always striving to prove myself to others.  I constantly had to introduce myself with a grocery list of achievements so people would know my worth.

As a single, full-time working mom living in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. (San Francisco), it was frightening. But I kept my eye on the prize and stayed focused through all of these obstacles.

Several years ago, I was encouraged by a fellow female chef to share my culinary abilities with seniors. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. As I embarked on my journey with Morrison Community Living, the daily smiles and warm embraces from my residents changed me on so many levels as a chef.

The residents are always asking me how my day is going and they’re excited to show up for a Teaching Kitchen eagerly waiting to watch me cook. The reward is truly overwhelming. It’s important that we continue sharing these lessons in life to inspire, ignite and challenge others to embrace the unknown.”

– Abbie Greenberg, Executive Chef, Forum at Rancho San Antonio  


Chef Lisa Sanders“My passion for food gives me the drive and motivation to do what I do each and every day. Early on in my career, I was fueled by the fact that I was going into a male-dominated industry, but I never looked at it as an obstacle. As long as you use your creativity, passion and precision to deliver a good product, you can achieve anything.

As a young chef, I had to lead a team of cooks that had been in the kitchen for years. I was always trying to prove myself to them that I am capable, even if I didn’t have as much experience.

When I found my niche in the senior living industry, I felt at home. The appreciation I receive from residents is unbeatable, and Compass Group supports exciting growth opportunities for chefs. As a participant in the Food Fight competition held by Morrison Community Living and TouchPoint, I was put to the challenge, which only helped me further my skills.

Compass is really focused on creating a gender-balanced environment. It’s not about whether you’re a male or female. We’re all chefs and we’re all in this together.”

– Lisa Sanders, Executive Chef, Fox Run at Orchard Park 


  1. Calvin Neal on at

    Absolutely inspiring stories by three of my favorite chefs, keep up the greatness and thanks for being on our team!!

  2. Liberty Rodgers on at

    It was an honor and a pleasure to meet each of you at the Women in Culinary competition. You each taught me something important that I can use in my career moving forward. Compass group is definitely at the forefront of bringing diversity and inclusion into the culinary field. Thank you all for being a huge source of inspiration to me!

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