Fabio Viviani

Celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani To Visit Moorestown NJ Senior Living Community

Fabio Viviani is one the stand-outs from the Top Chef series. I would go as far as to say he was my favorite from the 5th season. Sure he came off as cocky (as some Italians do, no offense!) but underneath that ego and bravado, something told me he’s a good man in addition to being a great chef.

So when I got a media alert from a local PR firm announcing Celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani would be facilitating an interactive onsite cooking demo at The Evergreens, a premier Continuing Care Retirement Community in Moorestown, NJ, on Thursday, April 16, it pleased me. Why? Because why would someone of his “stature” do this? It can’t just be for the money, but I’m sure he’s getting that. Is it for the attention? Is it for the good PR? Certainly there are plenty of on-screen or conference circuit opportunities he could still get, though.

In any case, this event is part of Morrison Community Living’s Celebrity Chef Series, offered in partnership with The Evergreens to bring interactive and engaging culinary experiences to residents. Morrison [Community] Living is the culinary service provider for The Evergreens.

Chef Viviani’s itinerary at The Evergreens is as follows:

12–12:30 p.m. – Chef Fabio meet-and-greet with members of the Dining Services Team at The Evergreens
3–4:00 p.m. – Chef Fabio tasting and meet-and-greet with residents in The Great Hall
4–5:30 p.m. – Chef Fabio tours Main Dining Areas during dinner hour, mingles with resident diners
Good for Chef Viviani and I’m sure it will be a real treat to the residents. What a cool program for those in their golden years!


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