National Safety Month: Safety Talk

National Safety Month is here and we decided to get the inside scoop from our very own Safety Manager, Kyle Tassone.

Since his arrival a year ago, he’s put his own spin on safety as the company’s first Corporate Safety Manager. He’s helped to create an engaging safety environment for associates and is excited about the future of Morrison.

We caught up with him to discuss the role safety plays for our associates, residents and guests:

We know safety is a top priority for Morrison. What are some ways to proactively drive safety?

  • Face time is critical. Building those connections is key so getting in the field to proactively assist accounts is a top priority.
  • We are always in learn and grow mode. Understanding where you’ve been charts a positive path forward, which is why it’s important to host weekly incident reviews.
  • Safety isn’t a once a week focus – it’s a 24/7 top company priority. We work to provide an array of support resources and training to associates to ensure compliance.
  • With only one Corporate Safety Manager, it’s important that I interact with as many people as possible as much as possible. One way to do that is presenting at new manager orientation. I’m able to reinforce the role our associates play in shaping a culture of safety while linking a name with a face.
  • Making safety an ingrained part of culture is a positive way to reduce incidents and promote a heathy community. Our monthly safety calendars give tips and suggestions for accounts to focus on each day, reinforced by our monthly safety webinars, calls and resources on our safety website.

How is Morrison driving safety?

Morrison has the second lowest incident frequency rate out of Compass and is well below the industry standard.

This is due to our combination of monthly activities, like the webinars and calendar. This month, for national safety, we are covering burns. Also, we’ve implemented Take 5 cleanliness, where associates break and clean up their work area. At the end of the day, safety means ownership as we’re all responsible for getting everyone home in the same if not better shape than they arrived.

Can safety be fun?

Of course! Associates sometimes dress up their non-slip shoes with cool socks. I know some of the dining directors often get creative with their ties as well. Annually, we host a social media contest engaging team members to upload pictures practicing safety. This year, communities have gotten pretty innovative. Villa St. Benedict out in Illinois did a mannequin video challenge, which was pretty cool. I’m always impressed by the dedication and creativity of our team members.

What’s safety look like for Morrison in the future?

First, the ultimate goal is to be in the top tier of safety within compass overall. Morrison can make strides in doing so by participating in the safety boot camp program, quarterly safety assessments and continuing to have those conversations daily.

Anything you want to say to all the associates out there for National Safety Month?

Let’s try to really engage our family members this final week! Go ahead and have some fun with the social media contest, win those gift cards and really drive home the safety mindset that develops each and every day.

Kyle shows how to make safety fun with his stylish socks complementing his non-slip shoes.

Be safe out there!

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