Safety Tips for Seniors

Our health and safety needs can dramatically change as we age. Knowing this and preparing for the future, older adults can benefit from simple lifestyle changes to stay safe, whether they have recently moved to a residential community or are living in the same house they’ve owned for decades. The following tips can help seniors gain a greater sense of security at home—wherever they may live.

1. Engage With Others
One of the benefits of community living is being in close proximity to staff, friends and neighbors. Seniors who are able to visit others or receive visitors can help keep themselves safe by using the buddy system and communicating regularly with the outside world. Engaging in group activities, for example, is one way for seniors to keep active while remaining visible in the community.

2. Explore Advances in Technology
Many families would like an extra set of eyes and ears to help keep elderly relatives safe. Technological advances could make that possible soon. A new bill being introduced in the state’s legislature could make Utah the first state to require that assisted living communities grant requests from residents to install cameras in their rooms. But some innovations—such as automated drug dispensing systems or lights that turn on automatically—exist already and can be installed to help protect seniors.

Other devices that seniors can count on for help in emergencies include wireless phones, emergency buttons inside their residences or a wearable alert system. These items can serve double duty as safety or medical alert monitors.

3. Access Available Resources
When you think of safety resources at senior living communities, fire extinguishers or alarm systems may come to mind. But did you know that residents can often times injure themselves from daily tasks like moving large wall art, furniture or doing chores? Associates onsite at communities are more than just trained resources, they also specialize in assisting in daily activities that may become more difficult and as a result more dangerous as seniors age. Knowing that staff are available to assist with these situations provides seniors and their families peace of mind.

At Morrison Community Living, resident safety is our top priority. We are consistently focused on the safety of our associates, residents and their families.

Tell us some ways you engage safety at your communities in the comments.


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