Why Outsource Senior Living Dining Services

Morrison Living servers smiling with residents in community at the table

What is Outsourcing? Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring an outside company to perform tasks, handle operations, or provide services. It is an effective strategy to increase staff retention, improve training, and enhance performance – allowing organizations to focus on other business needs while having the details taken care of by outside experts. The…

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3 Reasons to Eat Local this Summer

chef with fresh tomatoes

By: Brittany Kuhl MS, RD, LDNs Have you ever eaten a fresh tomato straight from the garden or farm? If you have, you know just how delightful the tender, juicy vegetable can be. Often, foods from large grocery stores, especially produce, just can’t compete with items that come “straight from the field.” What does “locally…

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Top 3 Culinary Innovations in Senior Living

Culinary Innovations Sustainable

By: Jae Church, Corporate Executive Chef The senior living landscape is ever-changing, but one facet remains the same: high-quality meals are essential. Food is universal, meaning all residents deserve the best there is to offer. That’s where Morrison Living’s culinarians excel. Here are the top three culinary innovations residents in our communities can’t get enough…

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What a Waste

Waste Not

Food Waste and Why You Should Care By Delacey Foster, MS, RD As you finish your weekly trip to the market with five brimming bags in tow, feeling accomplished as you head out the door, you gingerly place two bags of carefully selected food items into the trash bin and load the other three bags…

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The Ultimate Farm-to-Table Experience Sprouts Up at Foxdale Village

Farm to Table Veggies

Awareness of sustainable practices might seem like a new-aged trend adopted by millennials, but truth is, the real OG’s of sustainability are seniors. When residents were surveyed at Foxdale Village – a senior living community nestled in the heart of central Pennsylvania – the two most-common requests were: sustainable food and food that is local.…

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A Recipe for Sustainable Eating

Sustainable Eating

It is extremely important to be cognizant of ways to reduce food waste in our kitchens. By incorporating portions of ingredients that typically get thrown out or unused, we can drive change when it comes to waste reduction. Our chefs are empowered to operate as business owners or intraprenuers. This mindset allows them to think…

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Driving Toward A Zero-Waste Zone: An Interview With Andrea Woods

Andrea Woods, VP Zero Waste

As part of the world’s largest contract foodservice company that serves over 10 million meals each and every day, Morrison Community Living is on a mission to raise awareness of the massive food waste issue and also provide solutions to reduce it. Collectively as an organization, we can make an enormous impact by changing our…

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Compass Group USA Brings Imperfectly Delicious Produce Into the Spotlight

Imperfect Tomato

Juan Acosta is the executive chef at the Motion Picture & Television Fund, a retirement community assisting former members of the entertainment industry, including three restaurants that offer a full-service experience to residents at dinner. As soon as he enrolled in Compass Group USA’s Imperfectly Delicious Produce program, Acosta had a feeling there would be…

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