5 Simple Switches to Help You Fall in Love with Eating Right

One quick search of “eating right” pulls up loads of resources and information about foods to enjoy, foods to avoid, and lifestyle switches to live healthier and longer. However, that can be overwhelming with the number of information and misinformation out there. With the power of Morrison Living’s nutrition and wellness teams, our residents don’t…

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Developing and Demonstrating Our Company Culture

Successful companies have a distinctive culture, mission, vision, and values. It is how they stand out from the competition. At Morrison Living, our company culture shines through our associates at all levels and all positions to transform dining and hospitality in senior living with partners and residents. Aligned with our values, our actions and behaviors…

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Savory or Sweet: Superfood Sweet Potato Recipes for Fall and Winter

The sweet, starchy root vegetable that can do it all: the sweet potato. As a superfood, this vegetable stands the test of time through several health benefits, variety of flavors, and infinite ways to prepare them. Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes The abundance of fiber and antioxidants in this small but mighty starch promotes gut…

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Diving into National Seafood Month

Salmon and ingredients

October is National Seafood Month – a time to dive into new flavors, pick out proteins that are key ingredients to a number of dishes, and in turn, sustainably sourced seafood when possible. At Morrison Living, our culinarians are no strangers to seafood and recognize the value of this food group year-round. Health Benefits of…

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Celebrating Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month

Hispanic & Latinx Cover Photo

Each year, Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. While we uplift the Hispanic & Latinx community throughout the year, this month-long occasion provides a great opportunity to reflect and celebrate their contributions, cultures, and the collective progress that has been made. At Morrison Living, we are honored to…

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