2023 Culinary Trends in Senior Living

As we look toward the coming New Year and the hopefulness that this fresh start offers, it is expected that we will start to see some changes in senior living culinary trends. Crafting innovative and delicious meals for our guests means that we follow trends and developments in the culinary industry. The last 2+ years…

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Healthy & Festive Holiday Dinner Ideas for Senior Living

When we think about autumn, about the approaching holiday season, and about Thanksgiving, we most often think of turkey, stuffing, casserole, pumpkin pie, naps, and repeat!  While this is a yearly tradition at almost everyone’s house, there can be more to Thanksgiving dinner than just the staples. As we look to move forward after the very…

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Kosher vs. Kosher-Style Diets

Kosher diets

Kosher diets stem from the Jewish religion and follow the traditional Jewish law. These laws are found within the Torah, a sacred book of text in the Jewish religion. They provide an outline of which foods are allowed or not, as well as how foods must be produced, processed, and prepared prior to consumption. However,…

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4 Ways our Chefs are Staying on Trend

Crafting innovative menus and meals made especially for our residents meanings knowing current and future food trends in the culinary industry. Insights from industry partners like Datassential help chefs look ahead to what’s coming in the food service industry, intriguing residents for each meal. Our chefs are staying steadfast in following industry trends in what…

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3 Ways Our Chefs Are Incorporating Vegetables for Plant-Forward Power

Written in collaboration with Chef Jason Ison Innovations and trends around vegetables have led to the leafy greens and bright colored foods no longer staying supporting side dishes and instead now they are the star of the meal. Vegetables are no longer an afterthought to meal planning, as the plant-based entrée has become immensely popular.…

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Dietitians Explain Why a Balanced Bowl is Good For You

By now we’ve all seen those Instagram-worthy balanced bowls packed with beautiful colors and enticing foods, but do you know the health benefits that come with it? Our dietitians love adding balanced bowls to the menu because you can mix and add different whole grains, lean proteins, legumes, and nutritious vegetables to create the perfect…

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Women in Culinary Leading in the Kitchen

chef Marianne headshot in front of fountain

Born and raised off the eastern shore of Maryland, Chef Marianne Zdobysz has spent most of her career working over 2,000 miles away along the west coast. From Seattle to Los Angeles, and even Alaska – her journey up and down the Pacific has awarded the invaluable experiences infused in her ethnically diverse cooking style.…

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Why Outsource Senior Living Dining Services

Morrison Living servers smiling with residents in community at the table

What is Outsourcing? Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring an outside company to perform tasks, handle operations, or provide services. It is an effective strategy to increase staff retention, improve training, and enhance performance – allowing organizations to focus on other business needs while having the details taken care of by outside experts. The…

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3 Reasons to Eat Local this Summer

chef with fresh tomatoes

By: Brittany Kuhl MS, RD, LDNs Have you ever eaten a fresh tomato straight from the garden or farm? If you have, you know just how delightful the tender, juicy vegetable can be. Often, foods from large grocery stores, especially produce, just can’t compete with items that come “straight from the field.” What does “locally…

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Bridging The Generational Gap: A Senior, A Chef, and A Story to Tell

Chef Dave and Natasha at White Sands Community

The beauty of ‘ships – friendships, relationships, partnerships, is that they can start so unexpectedly. Take David B. and Natasha J. for example. The two met at Human Good’s White Sands La Jolla, the only beachfront retirement community located in the entire state of California. David, the community’s senior executive chef better known as Chef…

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