Morrison Living Chefs Spice Up Senior Living With Global Flavors

global flavors in senior dining

By: Corporate Executive Chef Ernst Friedermann Foods. Flavors. Aromas. There’s something extra special about international food adventures. While attractions, sights, and shops can be breathtaking and insightful, the way to the heart of any culture is through its food. Nothing quite compares to eclectic dishes made from freshly blended spices, creamy sauces, and botanical flavors.…

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Crafting the Perfect Plate

Chef Robert Campbell story

A plate is a canvas to display any number of creations. Chefs set each item perfectly in place, build towers, splash sauces, and sprinkle garnishes on top. Food has become an art form leading many chefs to pursue a culinary career to create that perfect plate.  Meet Chef Robert Campbell. His passion for food led…

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How to Establish a Strong and Sustainable Culinary Culture

Chefs Cooking

By Adam Grafton, VP of Culinary at Morrison Living It would be great if building and sustaining a strong culinary culture was as easy as making classic consommé for us chefs, but it’s not always a simple equation. As a culinary artist, we understand the importance of finding the right ingredients to make the perfect…

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How Residents Are Changing Standards to Be More Transparent and Authentic

Chef picking cherry tomatoes

By: Adam Grafton, Senior Corporate Executive Chef With over 20 years of experience as a chef in senior living, I’ve seen the expectation and desires of residents change dramatically. I remember the days where seniors wanted simple foods, with the focus on flavor and temperature. Over the years, this has shifted with generations and we’re…

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Women in Culinary Who Inspire Us

Woman making ravioli on table

With hard work and perseverance, these women are serving as leaders in the kitchen and shaking up the culinary scene. They’re showing the world what they’re capable of and helping pave the way for others. In what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, these women are finding a recipe for success in professional kitchens by…

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A Recipe for Sustainable Eating

Sustainable Eating

It is extremely important to be cognizant of ways to reduce food waste in our kitchens. By incorporating portions of ingredients that typically get thrown out or unused, we can drive change when it comes to waste reduction. Our chefs are empowered to operate as business owners or intraprenuers. This mindset allows them to think…

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Food Rules – Serving a Course of Education

food rules

For rehabilitation clients, dining takes on urgency and adaptation, because food choices often need to change to ensure better health. For these clients, the clock is ticking: In their relatively short span of care, many must learn to change their diets for good. “It’s very much about education,” said John Rifkin, Senior Corporate Executive Chef for…

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